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Download these files and use File>Import service from the Brutus main form to import them. Alternatively just drop them in your Brutus directory and they will automagically be imported into Brutus upon startup. If You have any BAD files you would like to share then send them to me and I'll stick them here. 

NetBus This is the BAD file for cracking NetBus authentication, [This file is included with the Brutus AET2 zip file.
Example su root This is an example BAD file showing how to attack the root password from an existing user account using the 'su' command within a telnet session. You will need to change the unprivledged username and password in the pre-authentication sequence. 
Cisco Console This is a BAD file for attacking the console password on a Cisco router, it should work with any Cisco that uses the default prompts. Most Cisco routers do NOT like multiple telnet connections (you can do 2 on a good day.) 
Cisco Enable This is a BAD file for attacking the console enable password on a Cisco router, it should work with any Cisco that uses the default prompts. Since this particular type will maintain telnet connections to the target router you should be able to do 3 connections at a time. Using 3 connections I generally achieve 60-65 attempts per second, on a dial-up you should still be able to get 50 attempts per second. NOTE : The cisco console password is set to 'cisco' in this BAD file, change it as necessary. 
Shiva LANRover (console) This is a BAD file for username/passwords on a Shiva LANRover access server. These are common in many organisations that offer remote dial-in access. I have only tried this BAD file a few times but it works great. 
NNTP (News Servers) This is a BAD file for attacking the authentication scheme used in NNTP servers (e.g. Usenet servers), it is not yet tested but should work OK. 
SMTP VeRiFY Users Mmmm, why not? Saw a little skript on packetstorm to trawl through a user list attempting to identify valid users using an SMTP server. This BAD file allows Brutus to do this. Just point it at the target SMTP server and load your user list into the password file. This uses the SMTP VRFY command which should be disabled on the target but often is not. 
SMTP ReCiPienT Users As above except that this uses the SMTP RCPT command which is used to specify the mail recipient. You may need to modify the authentication sequence by adding '@whatever.com' in the password post-fix slot. 


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