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FAQ - Table of Contents     [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

  1. What is Brutus?
  2. What does it do?
  3. Is there any other software like Brutus?
  4. What is a BAD file?
  5. What is a BRU file?
  6. When is ... ?

What is Brutus?

Many people refer to Brutus as a remote on-line password cracker, this is fairly accurate and I suppose it just about sums Brutus up.

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What does it do?

Being a remote online password cracker, Brutus tends to crack passwords remotely, in an online fashion.

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Is there any other software like Brutus?

There are more tools now than there were when Brutus was originally released, some tools of note include :

wwwhack  -  Offering HTTP, POP3 & FTP - generally nice and easy to use.

Entry - Offering HTTP, POP3 & FTP - commercial and freeware versions.

There are others too, go with whatever suits you (sir.)

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What is a BAD file?

That's a Brutus Application Definition file! These are small files that contain configuration information for Brutus, usually for a particular authentication type/device. Brutus can import and export BAD files so you can install new authentication types (applications) into Brutus or you can create new custom authentication types and export them for others to use. Here's some I made earlier.

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What is a BRU file?

That's a Brutus Restore file. These file hold a saved session and can be loaded into Brutus to facilitate resuming previous attack sessions.

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When is ... ?


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Revised: March 24, 2000 .


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