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Brutus Screenshots (this page contains large images)

Below is a screenshot of the main Brutus window in action. Brutus is running against a web server here using the HTTP basic authentication type. Brutus is going for the user admin using brute force to generate passwords (every 5 character combination using 'a-z'), the maximum number of passwords attempted will be just under 12 million. The status bar indicates that Brutus has attempted just over 1.16 million attempts and is running at an average speed of 501 attempts per second (that's over 30,000 per minute.) The worst case remaining execution time for this attack is just under six hours.

Below is a screenshot of the word list manipulation window: This particular shot shows one of several actions available from the word list manipulation drop down box.

Below is  the authentication sequence window. This is where authentication sequences are modified and created. This shot actually just shows an empty sequence.

And finally, the brute force customisation window. In this paricular shot we have selected to generate words between 1 and 5 characters in length using only lowercase letters. 



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