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This briefly introduces the MingSweeper graphical interface and how one might go about using it. 

This is how MingSweeper appears on start-up. Note that the MingSweeper interface is based around a toolbar and menu section at the top of the screen and 6 tabbed pages occupying the rest of the screen. This is the 'Output Log' tab, all MingSweeper events are logged both here and to log file.


The MingSweeper toolbar has a text box labeled 'Targets' for inputting target addresses/ranges. Target specification can be either a single IP address/hostname, an IP address range or a comma delimited list of addresses and address ranges. Address ranges may be specified using '*' in the desired octet(s) e.g. 192.168.*.* or '-' to specify a range within an octet(s) e.g. 172.16-23.*.* 

From left to right the tool buttons available on the toolbar are :

Start scan

Stop scan

Generate report

Filter results

Toggle target reachability checks

Toggle operating system identification

Toggle banner grabbing/application identification

Greyed-out tool buttons represent functionality that is not yet available.

Note the drop down menu on the toolbar for selecting the scan type, it's easily missed. The port range to be scanned is also available as a drop down menu on the MingSweeper toolbar, by default 'Common ports' is selected which is a minimal but efficient port scan including less than 40 commonly used ports.


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