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A walk through of the summary tab

The Summary tab displays all targets with IP address, DNS name, OS type and Status. This shows the Summary tab after a TCP port scan with OS identification and banner grabbing. IP addresses and hostnames have been partially obscured. All results views are built up as the scan progresses. Note that all live targets nodes will appear in the summary view, if target reachability checking is disabled then all targeted nodes, regardless of their state will be displayed.

The status column on the far right indicates the state of the target at the time of the scan. A small, coloured icon indicates target status as follows :

A red icon indicates that the status of the target is unknown

A yellow icon indicates that the target is reachable but no open ports have (yet) been found

A green icon indicates that the target is reachable and has open ports

Additionally, if a yellow or green icon is partially greyed-out then this indicates that connectivity to the target has been filtered/firewalled to some degree. Where a target is found to have open ports the number of open ports found will also be displayed in the status column.

Double-clicking on any target node in the summary view will bring up the detailed view (found on the detailed tab) for that node but more on that later.


Often, especially when scanning large address spaces and working with perhaps many thousands of targets there is a need to focus on particular items within the results. MingSweeper supports results filtering to facilitate more efficient analysis of scan data. By enabling the filter toggle (either from the toolbar or from the Options menu) it is possible to filter targets based on certain criteria using the filter panel which appears at the bottom of the summary tab.

In this example I have filtered the above scan results by specifying that the target domain name must match .com or .co.uk and that the operating system type must match either Windows or Cisco.

As you can see, I now just have Windows and Cisco b0xes in the .co.uk and .com top level domains. The complete results list is restored by toggling the results filter tool button again.


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