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A walk through of the Ports tab

The Ports tab holds every reported port on every scanned target (reported ports are usually open but not always.) The Banner/Application Details column of the far right holds either the grabbed banner from the TCP port or the identified application (if any.) Applications are identified from the contents of the returned banners, not the port number; this allows for identification of applications not bound to well-known or usual ports. Matched applications will appear in bold so as to differentiate between identified and unidentified banners.

Double-clicking on any port in the Ports tab will bring up the Detailed tab for that target and port.

It is possible to display grabbed banners rather than identified applications by un-checking the 'Show Identified Applications over Banners' item under the Option menu.


As with the Summary view, it is possible to filter results based on specified criteria. In the example below I have applied a filter to a large scan result set. The filter has matched all ports found to be running Sendmail, Apache or IIS, no specific port(s) have been set in this filter.


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